Sunday, August 3, 2014

Exploring with my Explore---It's almost fall y'all!

Have I said that I LOVE my Explore? Still doing a great job on the Cricut cuts. So, I decided to explore one of the new features---importing SVG shapes into the Design Space. I had a charger plate screaming that I should go "fall". So I did...

The leaf and wheat shapes are from Lettering Delights' Bountiful collection. They imported beautifully into Design Space and were treated as tho they were native to the space. The DS sorted the files based upon my color (or layer) designation. When I sent the shapes to the machine they cut like butter! 

The word, "Fall" is one of the Cricut fonts, Country Life (I believe. I typed the word in the font (could have used any fonts from my computer as well). I then ungrouped the image and started playing with sizing, position, etc. Satisfied, I cut. 

Pasting the shapes was much harder than anything else. That sheath of wheat has some really tiny parts! They cut perfectly, however, so it was left up to me to keep them such. Plus, I had some new glue (that shall remain nameless) that I really, really do not like. I threw in some florist wire curled---and this decoration is done! 

Gotta run and get crafting. After all---it is almost Fall! 

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