Sunday, April 13, 2014

Josie's Diary: Hanging with my Hoops

Hi! Josie Janome here. Nonna is away from her desk, so I thought I would write today's post. Nonna just finished a quilt that needed lots of blocks that started in the exact center of the block. She sure wore me out nudging that needle back and forth so that it would fall there. I'm telling you, it could have been much less poking on me if she had just know this little secret. Shhh! Promise you won't tell her? I'll tell you...
Calibrate the hoop!

It is not hard, so let's do it together!

1. Grab your ASQ 22 hoop, The plastic template and a scrap quilt sandwich. Hoop the sandwich as if you were going to quilt. Be sure the blue arrow points to the top of the hoop.

2. Set up your machine for embroidery, with the arm open.
3. Select "set" at the lower margin of your machine screen:

3. Choose the embroidery mode (with the blue base):

4. Scroll until you see this screen:

5. Attach the hoop to the embroidery unit.

Note: for the next steps I have removed the foot for better visualization.
6. Under Hoop Calibration, select Yes. The screen will now change to the default hoop:

7. Select the small icon of the hoop next to the hoop's name.
8. Scroll to and choose the ASQ 22 hoop. Select it.
The machine defaults to its known center; but machines vary and so do their owners. Look at your needle. Where is it in relation to the center hole on the template. Look at Nonna's; poor girl! No wonder she kept poking me, the needle is not over the center of the template.
Let's fix it now. Look at the screen. The arrows on the dial will move the hoop in the direction that they point. Nonna's hoop needs to move towards the left and back.
Caution! If my cousin (your machine) says to raise your needle, do so with the fly wheel very slowly! Broken needles hurt!
9. Using the arrow keys, move the needle until it is centered over the hole.
That's more like it!
10. Select OK.

This should help getting those designs right in the dead center, so you can accurately fill each and every block. I am back to hanging with my hoops!

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