Saturday, April 19, 2014

Josie Janome's Diary--Keeping Track

Hi all! Hope this holiday weekend finds you great!

Nonna just loves the Favorite Stitch feature on me, but she occasionally would like to store more which foot I am wearing or my needle's position. Auntie Lori introduced Nonna to Evernote and Nonna is in love! She decided right away to put my iPad to use for more than just talking to me.

Before I go on, I have to tell you that Evernote is free (but to use their cloud, there is a cost). Once you have Evernote, there are extra apps that make it even better----and they are free!

Nonna has about 4 separate steps that she uses to bind her quilts on me. She played around and discovered the precise needle position (and more) for a 3/8" binding. It's a lot of poking my screen and she didn't want to forget. Here is how Evernote saved her day (and mine, too!)

Download Evernote to the iPad, computer, wherever....
This is the website. For iPad check the App Store!

So, it's on the iPad, right? Once she got familiar with the app, Nonna created my very own book! There are already 2 notes inside my book! One is my birth announcement with my vital stats, like Serial Number!

The next step is to create a new note. Note, it looks slightly different on the iPad. 

By selecting the + sign, a blank form opens on the screen, ready to record anything!

Nonna took photos of me right from her iPad. She chose the Add Attachment icon and this menu opened. The camera activates the iPad camera, Documents is like a scanner, Saved Photos goes right to the Gallery and she could have even taken an audio of my perfect purring motor!

Look to the far right hand corner of the menu icons; do you see the 3 dots? That's more to play with!

Check out that "a" in a circle. That is where the mark-up tools hide on the iPad. 

Select that icon and the left side of the image reveals the mark-up tool, the caption tool and several others. Playing around, Nonna made this entry:

Okay, She made several more entries.... a picture of my quarter inch Accufeed foot, and my cloth guide and it's settings. They all go together in this step for completing the binding on a quilt. Now, if I need to have a factory resent or Nonna's favorite stitches are erased there is a record! It is easy to find and here is the best part---ever! It is totally searchable! Woo hoo! No more frustrated Nonnas! 

 Until next time!

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