Saturday, September 29, 2012

So far behind....I Scrapbook to the rescue!

Happy Saturday everyone! I apologize for not being around more...I've missed you! I think that I now have a pretty good handle on my new MacBook Pro and my conference presentation is done so I hope to be around more!

I want to share a really great app that I found for my Mac called IScrapbook. (It is not available for PC, but the artwork does work with a PC!) There are tons of "kits" available and I can use the digital papers that I have accumulated from other sources. But my favorite feature is the availability of "Quick templates" that are drag and drop. So easy! And when I want to do my own thing, I can do that too!

Here are a couple of pages that I put together in no time at all!

A cousin posted this photo of my dad on Facebook. I'm so excited to finally add his photos to something I can pass along to my kids.

And of course, grandbabies! This is a very simple layout; but the entire thing, including the coloring was completed in the app! 

The app has reawakened my desire for about you? 

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  1. Love your pages and I can understand because like two years and years behind in scrapping. As of late iTunes using the digital just so much easier when you're so far behind. Thanks for sharing.