Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Introducing ZaraZing!

Hi, everyone! My name is ZaraZing and I have recently been adopted by my new mom, Nonna. I am so excited to be part of her family of paper cutters. The day I arrived, Nonna was so very excited...she took lots of pictures.

Fed Ex delivered me, and here I am!

I can't wait for my new mom to love me!

She set me up and here I am...ready to go! Mom said I was a very easy adoption.

I play with Make the Cut Software and it lets me do so many things! I can do print and cut, precision cutting of shapes and MTC even lets my mom make her own stuff to cut. I am not afraid of any materials---just let me at them. My mom, however, really likes card stock, so that is what we played with the most.

Mom told me right from the start that she wanted to do print and cut. MTC and Lettering Delights make it so easy! Can you believe my mom did these right away? The files are LD's Gingerbread (oops!  I forgot....) They are available on the LD sight (click the link in the right hand column, please!)

Just one more picture....Don't you love this one? Mom created the stocking with the basic shapes in the MTC software. There are so many from which to choose! The papers are from Lettering Delights and the initial is from their Poinsetta alphabet. 

Okay, just one more. Mom was playing with pens tonight. I am special because I don't need anything extra to help me hold any pen. Mom used a Bic Ultra-fine Mark-it. But, she said there is a way to help me do my best after the software has done it's thing...use a 1/8" thick washer! For this sample mom chose an image from the MTC Basic Shapes (not gallery) and opened it on a mat. She then chose the "Thin path" option to make a single line. Mom loaded paper onto my mat and positioned the pen....
  1. Place the washer under the pen point. Screw the pen into position. 
  2. Choose the WYSIWYG feature. Follow manufacturer's directions for this feature. 
  3. Settings for the software: Force 10, Speed 12, no offset. 

These worked great for me (ZaraZing) so please check them out on scrap before you feed them to your little Zing.

Thanks for visiting with me! Mom says I can come back and tell more stories soon! Until next time.....


  1. Hi, ZaraZing! I know you are going to have so much creative fun at your new home!

  2. So Awesome! I haven't spent much time with my Zing but I can't wait to get her really up and running. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yeah! I know nonna is going to have lots of fun with you zarazing! Make her proud!