Saturday, June 10, 2017

Adventures in StitchArtist: Filling an SVG Image from Daily Art Hub

Hi all! I don't know if you are familiar with Daily Art Hub or not, but I would like to introduce you to it!

The DAH is a great place to get graphics usable for digitizing, scrapping, whatever! Their commercial use policy is clear and straightforward. You can purchase a subscription or simply purchase the artwork for a nominal fee. Or, if you are like me, sign up for the newsletter and receive notice when the free sets are posted! Yes, I said free! Each set (purchased or free) includes PNG, JPEG, and SVG files. And guess what I do with the SVG files....bring them into StitchArtist and convert them ever so easily into stitches. 

If you would like to digitize along with me, Daily Art Hub has graciously given permission for me to allow you to download the Anchors Away Border 3 for free! I do ask that you give all credit for the artwork to them. Click here to download the SVG, 

If you would like to get the whole set, you can pick up the above set here for $2.99.

Before I go on...whenever you use a piece of art for digitizing be sure to check the usage agreement! Some art specifically allows you to digitize and other does not allow for anything other than "artist intended use" (example: papercrafting). When in doubt, email the creator! 

Join me as I share my adventure in digitizing this image in Stitch Artist 2-3 using fills in, perhaps, a surprising way. Warning: it is a little longer than usual!

Here is a photo of the finished project:

And now to the scraps learned from this project.....

Looking closely at the anchor, it is a little sparse in coverage. It preview on screen the same way! What could I have done differently? 
1. Density could have been a tad closer.
2. The different underlay could have been used. 

Look at how closely the outline lies to the edge of the stitching, in particular at the points of the anchor. From watching this stitch I know that the rows of the pattern went from anchor point to anchor point (sort-of); in other words, the fill stitches pulled the design to the center of the anchor ever so slightly. So, I see white. What could I do differently?
Adjust the compensation! 

Finally, the stars stitched inefficiently. The large yellow one stitched, followed by the blue, and the the second yellow one. This sequence created an additional color change. Silly me! I forgot to resequence those objects in my design. Along this line of thought---I think I want the rope to stitch first in my design. What could I do differently?  
1. Think through color changes.
2. Resequence the objects. 

Until next time.....Keep sorting those scraps so you can generate the gems!

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