Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventures in StitchArtist and Enthusiast: The Carousel Feature

I like to create my own quilting motifs, the kind that radiate around a center point. I think this stemps from my love of Spirograph as a kid....loved that toy! And it didn't help that I had discovered Free Motion Quilting Made Easy by Eva Larken that gave me literally hundreds of ideas using simple shapes that rotate around a center point.

Oh this will be so simple in Stitch Artist! Uhmmm..... not so simple I soon discovered. This disappointed me. My awesome software did not include a feature that would allow me to easily rotate a simple shape around a center point. But all was not lost...I discovered Enthusiast and the carousel feature! My problem solved....or so it seemed. Join me as I learn how to create the exact in the hoop motif to finish my quilt blocks or even my quilt!

Here is are some of the motifs created using this technique:

using a diamond

using a heart

Using a diamond with a loop

using the shape above (diamond and loop) and adding more to the rotation:

I hope you have discovered some of the secrets of the Enthusiast carousel feature and will enjoy it as much as I do!

Until next time!

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