Monday, October 14, 2013

Christmas Ribbons

Had a great weekend with my quilting guild on retreat! This was the first time that my GigiGo Accuquilt accompanied me. See, I was responsible for introducing her to my stitchin' pal, Ann. 

So, I planned this quilted runner on EQ7:

It was super quick to make! The longest part of the process was purchasing the fabric! I only had the 6.5 " tumbler die, so this came out pretty large. Of course I made mine first, Ann struggled with the size, but she eventually made hers, too. 

Christmas Ribbons Runner

By NonnasScraps on EQ7 10/11/13 
(if you use, please give me credit!)

Cut with the 6 ½ Accuquilt Go Tumbler #55020
(for a smaller project 
use the 3 1/2" Tumbler # 55015

This finishes approximately 32.5 x 65.

Fabric:  2 greens, two reds and two whites.
Yardage assumes use of 6 1/2" die:
There is no backing estimated.
From each color:  cut 10 (ten) tumblers.
(Do not cut the quantities listed from EQ!)

To cut the green edge tumblers: cut 10 whole and them cut in half.

Lay quilt out as pictured, taking care to alternate tops and bottoms. 

Sew tumblers into horizontal rows.

Press all seams for one row in one direction.
I number my rows, odd number seams press to left.
Even number seams press to right.

Assemble by rows.

Sandwich with batting and backing. Finish as desired

(If using the 3.5 inch tumbler, the approximate size of the runner is 17.5 x 35.)

I hope you enjoy!

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