Sunday, March 6, 2011

I had to craft!

We are 2 months into our house reno. I am so ready to move everything back where it belongs. Here is a picture of my room with it’s new floor and almost complete new color. It will be mine again when my daughter is able to move completely back into her room. room

This weekend, I couldn’t stand not being able to use my “stuff” anymore. So, I pulled out what I could find and set up in my kitchen.


Since I only had white paper and a couple of Imagine Carts I decided this was going to be an “I” day! I scraplifted an idea from Pez-a-Doodle Designs.Spring

My Recipe:

  • Cartridge: Lori’s Garden for the Imagine.
  • One sheet of 12 x 12 white paper
  • A piece of ribbon
  • A-2 Card
  • Stickles
  • Stamps of choice
  • various glues

Set your Imagine to print and cut.

From the cartridge select one complete butterfly. Edit relative size to 2.7 and duplicate.

Edit the second butterfly so that you can remove all parts, except the lower wings and the body. Duplicate

From the built in shapes on the Imagine, select a simple shape, exact size to 4. Fill with a medium shade from the cartridge (I used blue.) Duplicate this shape and edit size to 3.6 change the color to a lighter shade of the same color.

From the built in shapes on the Imagine, select the square. Exact size to 5”. Fill with a print from the cartridge.

Print and cut the images. Manually trim the 5” square to 5 x 3 3/4”. Ink all edges. Assemble the card, using the photo as a guide.

Assemble the butterfly: glue the two lower bodies together, white side to white side. Glue body section to full butterfly. Pop-dot into position. Embellish with Stickles.

Wow!!! I love this quick and easy card! I made two in about 15 minutes. I hope you enjoy this “emergency” crafting session of mine. I look forward to being back with you soon!

Until then, enjoy your scraps, generate your gems and think of me! Nonna

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  1. What a BEAUTIFUL card I love the colors and jsut the right amount of bling. I love working in my kitchen and do most of the time.... I set my E on the counter and go to town and then run supplies back and forth from the scraproom at the top of the stairs... Just my favorite place to work. TFS